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Penguin will lose the battle one way or another in the long run. The music industry is its best example. The Force is not with Penguin. Once Apple becomes big enough in selling eBooks, all these publishers will be in a bad position for new negotiations. Apple is buying the time to grow its market share.
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2008-07-14 By roger bate
Over the last three years, the Syrian government has delivered recent history's biggest blow to the illegal pharmaceutical trade—and it hasn't been nearly enough. It's time for Syria's neighbors to follow its example.

Earlier this month, Syria passed Legislative Decree 24 to stamp out the distribution of bogus medicines. This marked the culmination of three years' work which has so far included the prosecution of a network of more than 70 Middle Eastern Arabs, responsible for untold needless deaths. Their syndicate sold dummy drugs which promised, but failed, to treat leukemia, breast cancer, bacterial infections, and other diseases, and in ...
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2010-04-30 Wall Street News
provides recent
articles from financial news sources and information from financial newsletters.. Has
updated information on international financial markets, including currencies, stocks,
bonds, and commodities. Includes a dictionary of investor terms, a global research library
- including quotes internationally, and investment software.
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2010-04-30 Writing from Jordan
Writing from Jordan as a drug inspector in the Jordan food and drug administration (JFDA),I am proud to read your words describing shutting down rings of Drug counterfeiting in the region ,there are many good news and great approaches been real now ,those were away as a dream before three years ,the situation now is promising and telling a successful story ,our market including pharmacies and healthcare system been educated with the right information against all kinds of risk ,effects of using or penetrating a counterfeit drug into the system, which obviously was unclear to many members of this system and treated with it as a good chance to get good offer ,JFDA played and still doing it's work to explain the fatal effect of such thread to health system. Side by side the new power full General health law
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